You are In Control of  Your Life

Helping  you  to  remain  independent, manage  what  you  need  help managing, letting  you  decide  how  and  when  you  receive  help

Cherish offers excellence in PCA, Home Management, Personal Support Services, Independent Living Skills Training,  and other supported living services designed to help you to live where you choose with appropriate services to assure your health and safety.


It's Your LIFE.

You are in control

You choose the employees you want to work in your home.

We're here to help.

     cherish pays $11.75 - $12.00 per hour    Join Our Team

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Cherish COVID-19 Plan

Temporary COVID PCA Wage Increase

IMPORTANT COVID-19 Information

Employee Payroll Forms & Payroll Schedule

2021 W-4 Employee's Withholding

Cherish Employees if you would like more hours please call Becca at (218) 263-9000 - We have permanent and temporary positions available.

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We would love to have you join our team!

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