Coronavirus (COVID-19)

On March 13, 2020, Governor Tim Walz declared a peacetime emergency 
related to the COVID-19 pandemic

 Cherish is Doing Our Best to Assist with The Requirements of Social Distancing and other requirements as they are added.

Cherish Employees are Essential Tier One Employees

If Cherish Employees come into close physical contact with someone who has been diagnosed with CODIV-19 they MUST complete the questionaire at this link:  Typically, the Minnesota Department of Health will require you to get tested immediately.



Our Cherish Office   MN Dept of Health Updates

Please Call our office
(218) 263-9000
instead of entering

Cherish Employee Letter Centers for Disease Controll
and Prevention Information

Cherish Employee Time Cards:

Please Fax, Scan or Mail Your Timecards Into the office - Payroll Information

Or Drop Off Your Time Card In the Box

We will be Either Direct Depositing
or Mailing Your Paychecks.

Cherish COVID-19 EmployeeTraining
Alternative Mask Instructions

It is recommended that you wear an alternative mask
if you or the program participant is not feeling well.


Cherish is trying to keep some alternative washable masks in the office, and we will deliver one to client & staff cars in front of the office.  *Thank you to community members for making them for us


Please Call (218)263-9000
 to set up a Fingerprinting Appointment

10 Things to Manage COVID-19

Facts about COVID-19

MN Governor's Updates
Staff COVID-19 Travel Letter
Coping With Disaster

Managing Stress - Anxiety

Symptoms:  CDC

Child Care Support

Hand Hygiene


Information for in home health providers



  • Aviod close Contact with People Who Are Sick
  • Cover your Cough or Sneeze with a Tissue then Throw Away the Tissue
  • Aviod touching your Eyes, Nose and Mouth

  • Disinfect surfaces where multiple people touch

  • If you are sick stay home
  • Wear a mask if you must go out and you are sick
    or are working with someone who is sick
    (all people who are sick must wear masks)


SYMPTOMS?  Stay home and initiate an e-visit

Call and inform the Cherish Office


St Lukes - Free using the code COVID19

Essentia Free e-visit