Many Changes Starting Fall of 2021


New DHS Changes:


CFSS - Implementation has been delayed until 2022

The Minnesota Department of Human Services is preparing to transition from personal care assistance (PCA) to community first services and supports (CFSS). Both PCA and CFSS provide supports to people to help them remain independent in the community.

DHS will transition people gradually over the course of the year to ensure no disruption of services beginning in October 2021


The eligibility requirements for CFSS will be the same as PCA. 

Activities of daily living, such as eating, bathing, grooming, and transferring, Health-related tasks, Instrumental activities of daily living, such as shopping, cooking, laundry and assistance with medications, Observation, and redirection of behavior.


What’s different:

·         Unlike PCA, in CFSS a person’s spouse or the parent of a minor may serve as that person’s support worker. 
                      A spouse or parents (combined) may only work 40 hours per week.

·         People may choose to purchase goods to aid in their independence.

·         The CFSS budget model allows people to choose to be the employer of their support workers.

·         The state provides a budget that the provider agency or the person may use to train workers on the individual needs of the person.

·         The consultation services provider will provide education and support in writing the person’s plan.


In the agency provider model, the person selects an agency that serves as the workers’ employer. This means the agencies will recruit, hire, train, supervise and pay CFSS support workers.

In the budget model, CFSS participants are the employers of their own support workers. They will have a budget rather than service units. Participants will recruit, hire, train and supervise their support workers. The person will select a financial management services (FMS) provider to help the person comply with applicable laws, SEIU Union requirements and dues.


Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Must be implemented Statewide by December 1, 2021

PCAs, Direct Support Workers and program participants will use EVV and will use their smart phones to document type of service performed, who received the service, date of service, location of the service delivery, who provided the service, when the service began and ended.  This is a federal requirement for all states in the U.S.  DHS has selected HHAeXchange to provide EVV and aggregation of data.


Wage Increases

October 1, 2021 Legislation was passed to increase the wages for PCAs and Direct Support Staff. (The 2021 Health and Human Services Omnibus Budget Bill, HF 33)  We are not sure of the wage increase specifics, but we will inform you when we know.


Waiver Reimagine

Waivered services have changed. Waiver Reimagine will simplify the waiver service menu. Give people more options, control and flexibility.