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Who Pays For My Services?   If you need services
the first thing to do is call your county social services agency.
Ask for a long term care consultation (or an intake screening)
This county service is free of charge
and the county consultant will tell you if you qualify for services that they pay for, and what options may be available to you.


You may qualify for services paid through Medical Assistance, waivered services or insurance.
Cherish accepts Medical Assistance, Medica, Blue Plus, Blue Cross, Health Partners, various private long term care insurances and U Care payments when there is a service authorization.


You may also pay privately.
Cherish charges the same rate to private pay customers as it does to those who are insured.

Current Rates for services are listed at https://edocs.dhs.state.mn.us/lfserver/Public/DHS-3945-ENG


There is a two hour per visit minimum


These rates change as the MN state reimbursement rates change (typically in July of each year)



You may choose your own staff if you would like
your neighbors, family or friends as long as they can meet the
qualifications such as being able to do the job and passing a state background check.
They will be required to participate in Cherish traiing just like every staff person.

Cherish has qualified staff if you would prefer



If you have questions please call us at (218) 263-9000



*These rates change as the Minnesota rates change